Welcome to Multilingualism SA, a business unit of Smartserve Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, a diversified services business operating from Kempton Park in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.


This is YOUR new home for sourcing language-related services such as translation, interpreting and editing. It is also intended to meet YOUR training needs in the areas of report writing, executive written communication and the use of plain language. This unit is also YOUR point of reference for business language planning, policy development and implementation.


This business has evolved over time, from being a one-person freelance service, to being a translation agency (The Translation Web), to later becoming Langtranet, which was founded and owned by Daphne Bekeweni, the current sole director of Smartserve Enterprises (Pty.) Ltd.


Multilingualism SA is a business unit of Smartserve Enterprises (Pty.) Ltd.  The division’s purpose is to provide a whole range of language services and to stimulate discussion and debate on multilingualism.  It forms partnerships with like-minded institutions, with a view to not only confirming the value of multilingualism as an agent for building a cohesive society, but also as an integral and essential ingredient of the economic make-up of South Africa. 



Multilingualism SA provides translation, interpreting, editing, and copywriting services. It also advises on language training, language policy development, and language codes of good practice, policy assessments, and implementation audits.

For a full list of the services we offer, please visit our Services page



Contact persons:

Ms Daphne Bekeweni
Chief Financial Officer
Email: Daphne Bekeweni

Mr Zama Bekeweni
Chief Executive Officer
Email: Zama Bekeweni



  • “I have known Zama Bekeweni for the best part of the last 20 years as an academic, owner of two translation agencies and a language manager at Eskom. He was one of the first professional freelance translators who was appointed by the Department of Linguistics at UNISA to mark the practical assignments of students with isiXhosa in their language combination. His feedback was extremely helpful in training such translators over the years in both the Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and in the Honours in Translation Studies. He is also a well-known professional freelance translator who has successfully completed various translation projects on various occasions. The industry has the highest respect for him. - Dr Alet Kruger, previously Professor in Translation Studies and Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of South Africa

  • “As an individual, Mr Bekeweni is a thoughtleader of note. He takes an expansive view of the industry, wrapping internal strategy and corporate culture in his approach. He does this with utmost humility and pure love of culture. - Abe Mathibela from Mosekola Solutions

  • “Mr Bekeweni has done some work assignments for us, The Translation World, in both the distant past and as recent as a few weeks ago. It was such a refreshing pleasure to work with him. His reliability and passion for our language practice profession are contagious and indeed enviable. He is extremely diligent, meticulous and professional in his approach to any work assignment he is asked to perform. We were very proud to have him on our database of language practitioners.” - Mr SR Kemisho from The Transition World